How This All Works

The process is very simple. Just three steps!

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    Step 1: Fill Out the EASY Form Below

    Simply scroll down and fill out the form below. Once you submit the information, I will receive it in my inbox.

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    Step 2: We Call You to See the House

    I will do some quick analysis on the property and give you a call to schedule a time to come and see the house.

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    Step 3: We Make You a Cash Offer

    At the house, I will quickly look at everything and determine what my offer is based on what repairs the house needs. If you like the offer, we will fill out a contract. Closings are handled by a local attorney or title company. Once the paperwork is ready, we close at the title company and you receive your money.

“I was initially skeptical on companies that say they can pay CASH for houses and close quickly. However you explained everything to me upfront and the process went exactly as you said. I am extremely grateful for all of your help!”

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